• Where to?

    Where to?

    During my time in Brazil I started to become discontent with not working and spending most of my time at home. I loved learning Portuguese, being part of an amazing family unit (My boyfriends family are amazing), learning coding and working on my own projects. The prosp...
  • How I stayed motivated for exams abroad

    How I stayed motivated for exams abroad

    I am sitting in Belgrade. My last exam is tomorrow so you could say I am procrastinating by writing this. This semester has been a crazy one spread over four countries. For starters I was still working in Hong Kong for the first month when it started, then went to Austr...
  • Hong Kong – tourist or expat?

    Hong Kong – tourist or expat?

    This last summer (in the Northern Hemisphere!) I spent 10 weeks in Hong Kong teaching at children's sport camps. It was an awesome experience to get in to the culture of Hong Kong and experience a lot of the city. I found that living in the tourist area of Tsim Sha Tsui...
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