Hello/ Merhaba/ Hallo!

I am a solo traveller making my way around the world exploring both the tourist areas and some other less known places. I love to walk and be amongst nature. I am pretty happy being alone, though I love meeting new friends in each city and catching up with old friends.  I am studying accounting through a university in Australia, and therefore travel fairly slowly as I often need to study at my destinations. I also have a bachelor of Environmental Science which indicates my interest in sustainable fashion and exploring natural areas. My hobbies are horse riding and pilates. I am lucky that I can practice pilates anywhere in the world, where horse riding is reserved for places where the horses are well looked after and not so expensive to ride. I change my mind often as far as travel goes, but keep one thing constant – the requirement to get lost all over the world.

I love to talk about travel and would love to meet up with anyone interested in travel, whether you are hoping to in the future or have travel tips you would like to share from your current or past travels.