How can I help?

English Conversation

If you’re learning English and are struggling with the conversation component let me know. I’ve been teaching interview techniques for English speaking countries lately so hit me up if you have one coming up and need some practice. I’m also interested in a very wide variety of topics and have a good knowledge of environmental science and business so can help you with most topics you would like to practice. 

Bookkeeping and basic Australian tax returns

You probably could do your own tax return because if you only have one or two sources of income the ATO makes it super easy. If you’re not so confident or can’t be bothered doing it, I’m happy to do that for you. 

If you have the bookkeeping system or need help setting it up (I’ve trained in Quickbooks and Reckon accounts) I’m here to help. 

Data - entry

My early career days were spent mainly on data-entry so I’ve had a fair bit of practice and complete work to a very high standard. 

Travel planning

I travel a lot. I specialise in sustainable travel, which means if you want to have a positive impact on the community then I can help. If you want my help you probably won’t end up riding an elephant or dolphin unless you plan that separately (which I strongly advice you not to). I love getting away from the tourist trail too so I can help you with amazing one-of-a-kind experiences. If you want help planning your trip – especially in Europe or Asia – contact me. I also own an adventure/extreme sports website for Europe so I’m here to help should you need it to find out about amazing experiences. 

Transition to a more sustainable life

If your goal is for your wardrobe to contain long lasting, high quality, ethically produced clothes and shoes I can help. I believe that all clothes should be given thought to find the perfect combination for your lifestyle and ethics and I follow ethical fashion so can help you find the brands that will be right for you.