Alpinist -10/18 sleeping bag

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I used this sleeping bag on an overnight hike near Egirdir in Turkey. Myself and a friend went hiking and brought two of these sleeping bags and a bag for food. We didn’t bring a tent as we didn’t have access to one. This worked out fine as these sleeping bags are pretty well padded.

Pro’s: These are really warm, probably too warm for what we needed it for however I would much rather be warm than cold. It is really quite thick as well so sleeping in a very rocky area was no problem, in fact I got one of the best nights sleep I have ever had while camping. The outside of the bags both ended up wet from condensation, however the insides were toasty and dry. The zip comes quite far up and the drawstring means that you can close it to allow only a small hole to breath or slightly larger to see the stars. It meant neither of us were bitten by mosquitoes or any other insects. The size was perfect for me (168cm) and my 6 foot friend.

Con’s: Not the lightest pack and doesn’t pack down very small at all. It is one of the bulkiest bags I’ve used, which is probably why it is so comfortable with all that padding. I don’t think I could use this for hiking if I had to carry it and the backpack as it would be too large.

While I wouldn’t recommend the pack for hiking because of it’s bulky size, it definitely came in handy being all we could get our hands on.  It would be great for camping with a car when you have more room to carry everything and I would trust it to keep me super cosy in colder climates as well as being great for sleeping in without a tent.



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