Black Wolf Cuba 75L

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When my last Black Wolf pack needed repairs I conveniently decided two weeks before my trip to get it repaired. Well not exactly, I had been trying to claim the warranty on the other pack for a while, but the sales staff where I bought it were so rude to me that I ended up asking mum to go and talk to them. It’s amazing how differently they treat a 50 yr old compared to a 23 yr old. Anyway, this should be warning enough not to buy a Black Wolf bag. The warranty is for a ‘lifetime’ except they try anything to get out of it.

I’ll start out with the pro’s: The material and zips are great quality and very sturdy and the daypack folds up quite small so when I’m not using it I can fold it up and put it inside the bag – you’ll find out why I never zip it on front in the con’s section. It also has a handy rain cover and cover for the straps for when it is on the plane. That’s it, all the positives out of the way.

Con’s: It weighs in at a mighty 3.2kg before you’ve even put anything in it. To put this in to perspective, I am currently backpacking with a full load of 14kg, so it would weigh just 12kg if I had of bought a lightweight bag. That’s a pretty big difference. All of this would be fine if the bag sat well on my back. Which it doesn’t. I haven’t done any serious hiking with this bag, though I feel like it every time I go from the train station to my accommodation. I’ve adjusted it several ways to see if it makes a difference, it doesn’t. Maybe the bag is simply too big for me, as it is a unisex bag and I am only 168cm tall and smallish in frame. I wear it and I have to lean my whole body forward to stop from falling on my back and ending up like an upside down turtle. If I decide to zip the day pack on as it is designed to be I have a 60% chance of falling on my ass, it’s too much weight too far from my body.

The locks have both broken, and this doesn’t seem to be an isolated issue, it is the same with my other black wolf backpack and my friend’s one as well. Of course the warranty also sucks, which would be fine except for the fact that the misleading information the sales lady gave myself and mother was exactly the reason we decided on Black wolf backpacks instead of another brand. The lifetime warranty that was claimable from anywhere in the world turned out to be an extremely difficult warranty to claim which is claimable only from the store you bought it from.

I guess it seems pretty obvious that I definitely would not recommend this backpack. It fails in comfort, weight and warranty. The only thing it wins in is durability. This is the cheaper version to my other Black Wolf pack and the material has held up a lot better, so if I haven’t convinced you otherwise and you still want to buy it, make sure not to spend the extra money on the model up.


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