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I’ve now used this hammock in many places and it is the most comfortable way to camp that I’ve used yet. There’s no rocks in my back and the position I am in makes me sleep better than most dorm beds. It can be put up almost anywhere and so I put it up between two palms at a beach in Mexico, between two large trees in Australia and strung up rather high at a camp ground in Mexico. What’s more I can see the stars under the mosquito net when it’s not raining. I’m a little disappointed to have a boyfriend now because he can’t fit in this size with me, though I’ve already told him he will have to sleep by himself when we camp because I’m sleeping in my hammock. Maybe we’ll have to upgrade to a double before our next big trip. The only problem I’ve had is that I’m rather tall so the cross section to sleep across could be a little longer – you do not sleep like a traditional hammock, rather across in a flat position so your legs aren’t bent. The quality is great and I have no doubt that it will accompany me on many years of camping and hiking trips.

Talking about it makes is encouraging procrastination by making me google the closest place to go camping.

Note: I am sponsored by Hennessy Hammocks. I did a lot of research before asking them for sponsorship and genuinely think this is the best way to sleep for camping and would use it in my lounge room to sleep if I didn’t have a boyfriend to cuddle in bed.


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