Osprey Ozone 46L Travel pack


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I hunted for a long time to find the perfect lightweight travel pack. My criteria were:

  1. Lightweight – it had to be as light as possible. This bag made the cut at 1.07kg.
  2. Plain coloured – No bright colours and the design had to also be inconspicuous so as not to attract unnecessary attention. I like to blend in. This is perfect as it comes in black.
  3. Valuables had to be at the back – This sounds obvious with most bags like this, but many similar bags had the laptop pouch in front which made zero sense for weight distribution or security. This bag has the laptop pouch at the back and a good amount of compartments.
  4. Have comfortable straps – I didn’t want painful shoulders and I use it for short hikes so I needed it to be comfortable enough for 1-2 day hikes. This is the perfect compromise between a hiking pack and normal backpack as it has great straps and a waist strap which many of this type do not.
  5. Carry on compatible – I hate checking in bags for the worry of losing them and also because many budget carriers charge a lot for checked in baggage. I love that I don’t ever have to check this in.

As you can see this bags meets all of my criteria and is an incredible, lightweight bag for any type of travel. It also has an amazing warranty and being Osprey should last for a very long time. The only thing I was worried with at first is that it doesn’t open up like a suitcase. It has a very large zip though which wraps around so I have had no issues getting to all of my stuff.


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